10 Celebrity Millionaires That Barely Spend Their Fortune

While many celebrities flaunt their wealth online, others choose to live a rather modest and humble life.

Most people dream about having millions of dollars in their bank accounts, and can only imagine all the luxurious things they’d be able to purchase for themselves if they had a limitless budget. Many admire the lives of the rich and famous, and tune in to see all the expensive items they gravitate towards. While the majority of the celebrities do indulge in a number of elaborate spending sprees, and are known to flaunt their fortunes on social media, there are a handful of big stars that live life simply, and don’t put too much focus on material things. Their bank accounts may reflect incredible wealth, but their humble lifestyles make fans do a double-take. Here are some of the most down-to-earth celebrities to come out of Hollywood…

#10. Sarah Jessica Parker

For well over 7 years, fans tuned in to Sex and the City religiously, and fed their fashion dreams with the outfits that Carrie Bradshaw pulled out of her closet. The luxurious fabrics in every color and pattern matched perfectly with every expensive brand name shoe that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character adorned. Her closet was one of worldwide envy, and her lifestyle was what New York City dreams are made of. However, in real life, Sarah Jessica Parker’s net worth is $200 million, but her outlook on money is very different than most fans would expect.  She was born into a large family that relied on welfare money for food and shelter, and she has never forgotten where she came from. She has three children that wear handed-down clothing, and she lives simply, preferring to keep her money right where she can see it… in her bank account!

#9. Keanu Reeves

With a net worth of $380 million, it’s clear that Keanu Reeves can do anything his heart desires, and what he chooses to do with his wealth is – to give it away. He is known to be among the most generous celebrities to ever walk the red carpet, and has even given up his $80 million Matrix salary to the crew that worked behind the scenes to make the movie possible. He made them each instant millionaires, without hesitation. For several years he opted to rent simple apartments and stay in hotels, and he is often spotted taking public transportation. Keanu Reeves silently donates millions of dollars to good causes and even funds his own hospitals and charities.

#8. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s movies command huge audiences, and at the height of her career, she was among the highest paid actresses in the world. With big movie titles such as Silver Linings Playbook, and the Hunger Games under her belt, most would assume that she lives in the lap of luxury, owns many mega mansions, and maintains an elaborate lifestyle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  She is known to use discount coupons when she shops, and is often seen around town driving her Volkswagen Eos. Lawrence has invested millions of dollars into a cardiology unit in a children’s hospital, in her hometown of Louisville.

#7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s $260 million fortune is one of ‘Titanic‘ proportions, and he could easily live like royalty each and every day. He has made some large investments, such as the $1.75 million he spent to purchase his very own private island, but it’s not purchased for his own self-indulgence. Forever dedicated to putting focus on saving the environment, DiCaprio’s 104 acre Blackadore Caye island, located off the Belize Coast, was designed into an eco-friendly resort. He intends for it to be entirely self-sustaining, relying entirely on natural energy. He is often seen driving in his Toyota Prius.

#6. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has appeared in many big movies, and is best known for her starring role in Legally Blonde. She has an astounding net worth of $300 million and could easily live an over-the-top lifestyle surrounded by glitz and glamor. Instead, Reese is honest about her inability to justify luxurious living, stating that she is most certainly financially comfortable and financially worry-free, yet sees no purpose in lavish living. She saves most of her wealth and teaches her children to live simply, as well.

#5. Jay Leno

Jay Leno’s career has spanned over decades and he is recognized around the world for his comedic talents. As the son of immigrants, he once used to work two jobs just to make ends meet, and he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Now worth well over $450 million, the star lives simply and saves the majority of his financial wealth. He dips into the money he makes  during stand up shows, and opts to put the rest of his earnings from all other income streams into savings. There is one hobby that Jay Leno seems to put his money towards, and that is his impressive car collection, which continues to grow.

#4. Jessica Alba

From her big roles in movies such as Good Luck Chuck to Fanastic Four, Jessica Alba has managed to acquire an impressive $200 million net worth, but her focus is on saving that money, and teaching others to do the same. She doesn’t live a lavish lifestyle by any means, preferring to promote her eco-friendly baby product business called the Honest Company. Her children wear hand-me-downs and she makes no secret of her passion for thrift shopping. Alba is frequently spotted using public transportation and living a down-to-earth lifestyle.

#3. Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe has been a longtime figure in the top ranks of Hollywood and has earned his legendary status through movies such as Gladiator, Cinderella Man, and A Beautiful Mind. He is backed by his $100 million fortune, but you wouldn’t guess that he was that wealthy by simply looking at him. Opting to stay away from Hollywood’s money-focused lifestyle, he has moved to Australia and lives on a ranch. Crowe drives an older model Jeep and spends most of his time on his own property, working on the land and enjoying the serenity. He silently donates millions of dollars to charities that are close to his heart, including a Jewish school in Montreal, Canada that experienced a hate crime.

#2. Jennifer Garner

Photo Via: Hello Magazine

Jennifer Garner’s $80 million fortune has not gone to her head. She was raised in a conservative household as a child, and she has carried the values that her family instilled in her well into her adult life. She lives simply and prefers to stay out of the spotlight of fame whenever possible. Garner thoroughly enjoys shopping at local farmers markets and is often on foot, opting to walk, rather than dropping a fortune on luxury vehicles. Her children are taught to value their lifestyle choices more than their financial status.

#1. Christian Bale

Christian Bale has dominated in Batman, American Psycho, and The Fighter, and has accumulated a $120 million fortune. However, he is recognized as being a man that doesn’t believe money is the key to happiness. In fact, during his Batman days, he continued to live in a one bedroom apartment and refused to hire security or own a cell phone. During an interview, he was quoted as saying; “Wealth doesn’t mean anything to me. If a robber broke into my house, he’d burst into tears.”

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