20 Reasons why David Beckham will always be in the scene, although he is retired

Beckham may be retired, but that doesn’t mean he has stopped being famous. In fact, he’s one of the most well known celebs in the world.

David Beckham had an acclaimed 20-year career in soccer. Along with playing for England’s national team, he was also a part of soccer clubs including Real Madrid, Manchester United, LA Galaxy, and Paris-Saint Germain. Known for his free kicks and long-range shots, Beckham inspired millions of people worldwide with his skills, appearance and style.

If you prefer definitions, the exact definition of David Beckham’s professional status would be: a retired soccer player. Indeed, even though we simply adore David (and never seem to get enough of him), this is a true story. He’s a retired soccer star, which sounds a bit depressing, doesn’t it? You can already imagine a worn-out man in his tracksuit, resting on the laurels and boring everyone with the stories of his success in sports and the glory days. On the other hand, Beckham couldn’t be further from that image. He is polished, super hot, never rambles, and, let’s face it – the man can still rock tight any outfit like any other of his decades younger colleague.

Therefore, let’s take a look at an extensive list of reasons why David Beckham is to the future generations as much as he was to the previous, and why he is going to continue to be an influencer and a role model in the years to come.


What a lot of people fail to recognize is his outstanding soccer career, but we believe there are enough of soccer fans out there who are fully aware of the fact that he has played for his own country 115 times, which is quite an impressive number. That speaks volumes about his loyalty to the national team, and the love for his country. If it weren’t for an injury, he would’ve played more for the UK.

As a young talent, Beckham left home at an early age (only 16) to fully dedicate himself to playing soccer. Next year, he was already a football trainee at Manchester United, and that’s when his career really took off.

Beckham is known as the only Englishman to have won championships in four different countries. During his career, he has won 20 major team trophies. Everybody still remembers his Wimbledon halfway-line goal (that’s when he first became a household name). Or when he qualified his team for the World Cup in 2002.

In addition, if we had to write down every single time he was named the Player of the Year, this article would be too long. He played soccer for 20 years, and this fact alone is amazing. There are few players who were able to remain in the business for that long, but if you’re an incredible player, you always push the boundaries, don’t you?


If there’s one thing that never goes out of fashion, that would be a strong, healthy body. Fashion styles come and go, and we have almost got used to designers turning our lives around with their crazy ideas. One day you’re in, the other your outfit is outdated. However, a great six-pack has always been valued and admired.

You’ve gotta hand it to Beckham – he’s still got it, and not only that. While all the other male celebrities seem to be experiencing what women and girls all over the world know as the “yo-yo effect”, David’s fitness level has never been questioned, which is something worth respecting. Think about it. When was the last time you saw a paparazzi photo of him on some exotic destination with his belly over his Hawaiian shorts? The exact answer would be: NEVER! It’s so refreshing to have at least one celebrity who isn’t a bodybuilder, and yet his physique never alters one bit despite the years and experiences.

After all, as we have said it before, the man’s retired. What usually happens with most professional athletes is that they all give in to earthly pleasures, aka delicious food, and put on a couple of extra pounds (to put it mildly). But Beckham? You’re not going to watch that movie with this guy.


If there is one thing about David that absolutely melts our hearts, it’s the relationship he has with this children.

He’s a proud father of 23-year-old Brooklyn, 19-year-old Romeo, 17-year-old Cruz and 10-year-old Harper. You have to admit it, he couldn’t restrain from the celeb trend to give his children funny names when his first son was born. For years the Becks had inspired exclamations like “Ohhh, what a beautiful family” and “Oh, look, three boys in the house. Lucky David. They all look so cute”, and so on, and so forth. But, when little Harper was born, that was simply cuteness overload. David came up as even a more dedicated and caring father as the public was looking at the photo of him tying his daughter’s shoelaces.

However, there’s more to that great parenting image than just taking lovely photos. In an interview a few years ago, Brooklyn admitted to his parents being very strict about certain things. Since he was only 17, both of his parents watched closely and monitored what he was putting on social media networks. Also, his father showed great wisdom and understanding when one of his children (not Harper!) decided not to play football anymore because he can’t follow his father’s glorious footsteps in the sense that he isn’t good enough. The only thing David said was: ‘Okay, stop right there… You play because you want to play,’, which simply explained the priority why we all should be doing something. Do it because you love it, not because someone tells you to. A true father hero. 


While in the old days everybody was (or perhaps some skeptics still are) wondering: “What on Earth is this young, perspective soccer player doing with Posh Spice, who wouldn’t smile if her life depended on it?” , it seems the tables have turned. The fashion world has finally embraced Victoria as an excellent and dedicated fashion designer, while the general public has at last gotten used to the fact they won’t be seeing photos of Victoria grinning at the paparazzi, or at least smirking.

Behind every great man is an even greater woman, and he’s got a pretty cool one to add to his overall appeal. Victoria has started off rather modest and worked her way to the top. It’s no big news that an athlete’s wife wants to dabble in fashion, but no one could have supposed it was going to take off like this. Victoria’s designs are original and show that the person wearing them has an impeccable taste. What is more, she has achieved her business success while fighting with tons of prejudice against her, and always remained perfectly poised and polite in the public. How many people can you name who did just that?

All in all, David is married to a person who loves children (obviously), is highly professional, has a sense of humor, and keeps the privacy of her home despite all the media inquisitions over the years.


If there’s one celebrity that has entered children’s books worldwide and still remains to hold the impeccable image, that would be David Beckham. Nowadays, you can hardly name a pop star that has always acted respectfully, sanely, and hasn’t been accused of doing substances or drinking excessively. Sooner or later, they all succumb to the pressure and end up (dead or alive) on the covers of the magazines. Well, not this guy.

David has never fallen prey to suspicious things or has been involved in scandals. What is more, he’s always very open about how much hard work and dedication it took him to get where he is now. During his soccer career, he would stay home at weekends watching sports channels, and more than often declined invitations from his friends to party all night when he had a training session in the morning. His diligence got him titles, wealth, and his great character ensured him a loving wife and a happy family. On top of all that, he is considered to be totally cool and easy-going, which is perhaps the main reason why children look up to him. The fact that their parents can approve of it fully is something you don’t see every day.


Wouldn’t you say tattoos are a trend that never stops? Everybody loves them, and there’s hardly a successful celeb that hasn’t been inked. David has always lead the way, and just when you thought there’s nothing else he can do to surprise us, he shows off with this brand new solar system tattoo.

Perhaps it says that his family means the world to him, who knows. Either way, all of his tats are connected with his beloved family and stating his love for them. For instance, there’s his daughter’s name written on his neck, a tattoo that he got done when she was born. For her 4th birthday, he got a tribute for Harper above the name saying “pretty lady”. And since after some time that wasn’t pretty enough for the big daddy, he got a rose for his little girl above the letters as well. Actually, he doesn’t seem to get enough of that appreciation on his body, and his son is following his footsteps in this manner. Beckham now has over 40 tattoos, while his eldest son still has a long way to go.

We are pretty sure the world is going to watch out for Beckham’s new body decorations in the years to come, aren’t you? 


And by that we mean he’s going to become a knight. How cool is that? Whatever the time and place you are or will be living in, being able to put the title “knight” in front of your name is absolutely awesome, no questions asked.

There are plenty of other people who have deserved this title from the world of pop culture, and why wouldn’t it be him, too? As we have shown before, David is respectable, showing off great values, and always on point. There is a lot of charity work involved as well, and he is definitely one of the best British citizens. In the end, his immense popularity certainly brought his home country a great image. Think about it: what other British celebrity has such a remarkable and respectable reputation?

Being officially recognized as the man who has served his country in the best possible way is what we can definitely see coming for David in the following years. We still don’t know when exactly it will happen, but it’s a sure bet. Sooner or later, David’s adding “Sir” or “Knight” to his world-renowned name will make him sound even cooler.


Okay, someone seriously has to make a study on David Beckham’s face and all its dimensions and angles, because it looks like this man can rock every single hairstyle! It would be really interesting to know all the hairdos he’s ever worn. From the famous cornrows to different crew cuts, outgrown bleached look, and at some point, he even used to wear a headband with slightly longer hair. It’s doubtful how many people can brag about looking cool with a headband, but it’s no problem for David. He’s always been following the latest trends, and even sets them.

Beck’s no stranger to dying his hair and doing whatever comes to mind to him (or to Victoria, more likely). Either way, the man is a legend. Just when you get used to his looks, he goes to the hairdresser’s and changes his appearance completely. Millions of men out there are waiting for his next cut just so that they could copy it, thus proving they are keeping up with Beckham’s style. A modern-day chameleon, David is going to be looked upon for the many years to come.  

#12. HE’S Crazy Beautiful

We’ve already mentioned the fact he’s got one of the best bodies in the celebrity universe, but let’s face it. Not every guy in top form has the charm or the appeal David possesses. Just look at him. Whether he’s fully dressed, or just in his latest underwear edition, the man oozes special appeal and confidence. If he were a girl, you’d say he’s one of the beauties that can wear a sack and it would still look phenomenal on her. Well, that’s David for you, only the hairier, male version.

The People magazine named him the sexiest man alive for 2015, but we feel like he shouldn’t appear on such lists anymore. Not because his looks and charisma are fading, but due to the reason that he really has no competition out there. Hot hunks come and go, but David remains to be the heartthrob of every female generation. Perhaps even if he doesn’t seem like the most handsome guy in the world right now, you can always wait for tomorrow when he may appear as the new, improved version of himself after another successful makeover. One thing’s for sure: he’s only getting more beautiful with age. Be still, our hearts.


Not that we would like to call him a true fashionista, because it’s a bit weird even for such a metros*xual, but that’s exactly who he is!

You can always count on Beckham to embrace the latest fashions, and even go one step further and invent them, too! There isn’t a look that he hasn’t tried. There are photos of him in anything you can imagine in the world (well, perhaps not in a hula skirt, but he would even pull that one off). He’s been photographed in all types of attire: from baggy sweaters to a three-piece suit. Naturally, men all over the world try to copy his looks, but they are always very cautious. Just because Beckham’s wearing it doesn’t mean it can look great on everyone! For instance, a green velvet jacket. Or a double-breasted jacket which would otherwise make any man look ancient. Turtlenecks – no one is a fan of them unless there’s an absolute blizzard out there. They don’t look flattering on 99% of men, but Beckham – now that’s a whole new angle of looking at things.

What is more, he never fails to dress for the occasion. While some other male celebs either remain unnoticeable in big and small events in their mundane wardrobe, David is always a sight for sore eyes for every critic out there. 


It’s a looong list of all the people and organizations the Beckhams have supported, but let’s start with a few facts.

Firstly, as any other rich and famous couple, David and Victoria have their own foundation. It’s called the Victoria and David Beckham Children’s Charity and it was founded in 2005. This organization specializes in raising money to buy wheelchairs and other disability resources for underprivileged children. As well as that, David is a co-founder of Malaria No More UK. In addition, Mr. Beckham is a UNICEF ambassador, which is a role not too many celebs can boast of. Particularly, David is focused on bringing relief to children struggling with AIDS and other diseases. He often travels to Africa to spend time with them and gives them some badly needed encouragement.

On top of that, there’s Help for Heroes (a charity for ex-soldiers), Save the Children foundation and many other organizations. What is especially worth the praise is the fact that David and Victoria also involve their children in the helping process and teach them to give compassion to those who are less fortunate. True, there are always some who question his philanthropy and name it as just one of the tricks he’s using to gain knighthood, but we believe that’s just evil talk.


While some believe being romantic is corny, and all the little gestures and flowers are just for mama’s boys, they certainly haven’t seen David Beckham in action. He’s a true romantic at heart, and that is definitely an evergreen quality.

How romantic is Beckham? Well, you must’ve read a few lines here and there on Instagram and exclaimed “awww”, haven’t you? Another thing that makes him seem perhaps even more romantic than he actually is the fact that his deepest emotions are directed to a woman who didn’t use to have any public approval for quite some time. That made all the love notes and gestures seem even more emotional, didn’t it?

As opposed to his wife, he’s more open to sharing his feelings publicly. We can often see them having romantic dinners without the rest of the family, which is a great reminder for all the couples out there to have some time for themselves, no matter how long they’ve been in a relationship. In addition to that, you cannot help but notice how affectionately he looks at his wife regardless of the public event or occasion. He’s always there, giving support, eyes filled with love…And no, it’s not corny at all. It’s Beckham, and the world needs more of him!


Having a great sense of humor is timeless.

We all know tons of celebrities, but who do we remember and respect? Those who can make us laugh. They have that attractive quality and we are always interested in what they have to say (or do). Being able to make people smile is a quality that is always appreciated, especially if one is able to make jokes on his own account. Therefore, here are a couple of Beckham’s quotes that have gone to history:

“Alex Ferguson is the best manager I’ve ever had at this level. Well, he’s the only manager I’ve actually had at this level. But he’s the best manager I’ve ever had.”

“Well, I can play in the centre, on the right and occasionally on the left side.” – After being asked if he’s a “volatile” player. We think you mean versatile, Becks.

“My parents have been there for me, ever since I was about 7.”

“That was in the past – we’re in the future now.”

“We’re definitely going to get (his son) Brooklyn christened, but we don’t know into which religion.”

“I have come to accept that if I have a new haircut it is front page news. But having a picture of my foot on the front page of a national newspaper is a bit exceptional.” Finally, let’s not forget about all the memes, like the one posted above.


We’ve mentioned so many astounding qualities of this retired soccer player, but let’s talk now about his modesty.

This is one of the reasons we love to love this celebrity. He is never blowing his own trumpet and boasting about the loads of money he possesses. Or the real estate. Or the fact he’s worldwide famous and adored. No, you won’t hear such things from him, or his family, for that matter. Isn’t it comforting to know there are nice people out there? Certainly.

Most of the time when he talks about his many accomplishments, Beckham emphasizes his hard work, and how fortunate he feels for having all of that. He is always extremely grateful for his family, his fans, and his lush life. David enjoys luxury, but he never speaks about it openly. He’d rather say that he hasn’t got so much time to enjoy all the opportunities a lavish lifestyle can offer, but rather stay in with his wife and kids. Makes him sound like one of us, doesn’t it?

While some may say his modesty is just a tactic to get the public approval and an even greater army of fans, the truth is it would be too hard to pretend after all these years. And why would he? Therefore, we all enjoy his genuine modesty. 


He certainly has a way with them, and even though at times it seems like a love-hate relationship (like that time when he was criticized for his philanthropy allegedly intended just to get him the title), he’s always been more praised than publicly scorned.

Yes, there is something irresistible about him that the press just loves. Beckham himself is always kind, well-mannered, and ready to answer questions, or at least politely refuses to. How many photos of him have you seen where he’s frowning at the paparazzi, yelling, or, heaven forbid, giving them the finger? He’s classy, and treats the media politely. Obviously, the journalists love the treatment.

Speaking of treatment…there was a press incident in 2010 when an Italian journalist Elena Di Cioccio grabbed him inappropriately. That’s right. She wished to find out whether the size of him really matches the one seen on the posters for advertising campaigns. The soccer player reacted with shock and a scornful look, but without any swear words. He simply glared at her and quickly retreated. Even when given unfair treatment, he never goes on to talk rubbish about all of them. 


When talking about someone’s relevance, here’s the undeniable fact: wealth matters, and David Beckham matters a lot.

He’s one of the richest ex-athletes. The man is his own brand, and he’s making the most of it. As we have already mentioned, he has had a long and lucrative career when it comes to soccer, but the real money lies in all the advertisement campaigns, fashion covers, editorials, and sponsorships. For instance, he signed a lifetime contract with Adidas in 2003, and it was worth $160 million. And that’s just one of his many profitable endorsement deals. Gilette, Armani, H&M, and many others paid big bucks to get a piece of him. Which you can conveniently get if you buy his fragrance.

Also, David is reportedly earning almost 30 pounds per minute, which is roughly 1,600 pounds per hour, or almost 40,000 pounds per day. Basically, he’s one million pounds richer every month. Such figures are always interesting, and people will continue to be curious about his achievements and earnings in the years to come. After all, with such great money comes great power (and responsibility), so he’s bound to be even more relevant (aka rich) in the future to come.

#4. He Stuns Us

OK, so we talked about his steaming hot body, but let’s now pay special attention to his number one quality – his gorgeous, charismatic smile.

Oh, yes, men can be considered handsome and beautiful, but if there’s one thing all the women absolutely fall for, it’s that crooked line on his face. Ironically, he’s married to the woman who rarely smiles in public. Perhaps it gives his feature even more appeal.

What’s also striking about David and his pearly whites is that he looks good both grinning and smirking. Usually, men can’t do both. But nothing’s impossible for this guy. He has one of those friendly, wide grins that are inviting, and comforting at the same time. Which woman wouldn’t like to be the cause of such happiness?

David Beckham often shows off that dangerous, super beautiful smirk which has women falling head over heels in love. We’re not overreacting at all. His confidence, honesty, reliability, determination, trustworthiness – it’s all there, at the edges of his lips. In a nutshell, no one can get enough of him. We just love to see him smile.


David Beckham will always be relevant because he is one of us.

Despite his wealth and out-of-this-world appearance and success story, we all have a feeling we know him very well, and would simply love to have him as our next-door-neighbor. Not because of his fame and fortune, but simply because he seems so down-to-earth one cannot help but identify with him.

He’s a father of four. That involves lots of task juggling to get all the kids to their activities and still spend some quality time with them. David doesn’t conceal the fact that he got his heart broken a bit when his child told him he was quitting soccer – don’t all parents have some dreams for their children which will never fulfill?

Apart from being a big family man, he also sheds some light about the marriage and its hardships. Nothing is perfect, and the marriage had to go through several reported affairs.

In the end, there’s the OCD. David has an obsessive-compulsive disorder, and lots of things have to be absolutely perfect for him to feel at peace and function properly. Admittedly, this isn’t a flaw which is suitable for a macho man. That also shows he’s far from perfect – just like the rest of us. 


OK, so he’s hot, he’s a great dad, but there’s one more thing about him that has to be mentioned: he’s the embodiment of a perfect gentleman.

Can you remember the time he was carried out of a club, totally passed out? How about an interview in which he’s talking trash about his teammates, or any other person on the face of the Earth? No, you won’t find such headlines or quotes. Even when he was most annoyed with something, he keeps his cool and acts like a true gentleman.

What does it mean to be a gentleman? It means you’re level-headed, fully aware of your own advantages, and yet not boasting about it. It means that you respect the ladies in your life and not make inappropriate comments about them. When did you see a picture of Beckham staring at a beautiful girl and drooling? No, you haven’t seen one, because a gentleman keeps that to himself. Not to mention the fact that he is so in love that his eyes don’t stray to anyone regardless.

Finally, wherever he appears, he seems classy and smart, and basically, does everything like a boss. We cannot but feel a bit envious of him.


David Beckham, a retired soccer player, is actually a superhero for more than one reason.

First of all, let’s see the qualities of a contemporary superhero. What are the qualities we ask for in our role models? Hmmm, with this hectic lifestyle of ours, one quality would definitely being able to juggle tasks in the best possible way, and he definitely is managing to do all that. He’s a real super dad – always devoted to his children, full of love, support and praise, while not forgetting to have a laugh sometimes, even at his own expense.

He’s trying hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. He admitted his body isn’t recovering as it used to, and he had to come to terms with his own limitations. He nailed it. Beckham retired honorably, but he still continues to change the world with his actions.

David has a great taste in fashion, to say the least, and always dresses for the occasion. He’s so fashion forward all men are looking up to him, while women are constantly checking him out. He’s confident, bold, compassionate, polite, and steals the show wherever he appears to be. Quite expectedly, his social media accounts are getting more and more followers every day.

Last but not the least, he is very intelligent. All the success didn’t come overnight, and it takes even more endeavor and intelligence to remain at the top. In a nutshell, a true hero of the days to come.

This listicle was originally published by TheRichest.com

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