5 tips to make your kitchen look elegant

The kitchen is an important area and helps you enhance the luxurious feel of your home, just as the living area or bedroom. So why not modernize your kitchen and enjoy your time while cooking? Fixing the most attractive kitchen island and adding high-tech accessories is a great way to enhance your kitchen, but you certainly don’t have to kill your elegant kitchen dreams simply because of a restrictive budget. Whether you are building your new pantry or revamping your dull kitchen, these minor tips & tricks listed below would help you get closer to your imaginary luxury kitchen without breaking the bank, and reflect your choice of elegance.

1. Have a picture of your elegant kitchen

2. Convenient layout

3. Dress the floor

4. Cabinets

5. Play with the accessories

1. Have a picture of your elegant kitchen

All of us have something that we constantly dream of, and your kitchen is included in that list. The first thing you need to do is to have a clear picture of how you want your kitchen to look like. This can be inspirations from a design you came across online or even actual designs that you were inspired by from other homes. A meticulously planned process will allow you to identify exactly what you are after and make decision-making much easier during the process of creating an elegant kitchen.

You could search Pinterest, Instagram, or any other magazines to come up with the ultimate design that would completely change the looks of your kitchen. Remember to put your budget and the size of your actual kitchen aside, and start listing the features you want. You should write down the problems you have with your current setup as well. For example, I would love to have a cabinet with drawers that open and shut silently and replace my countertop that looks outdated.

With millions of search results with just a tap of a button, you would easily get confused. We suggest you go with the colors that match the rest of your house for a uniform finish. For instance, if your house features a lot of wooden accents, it would look nice if the kitchen also features wood.

2. Elegant kitchen Layout

Once you have decided on the color, design, and materials, they cannot be just cluttered all over. It’s important to strategically arrange them in a user-friendly manner, to be able to accommodate all of your desired equipment and avoid bumping into things while you cook. One thing you need to keep in mind is positivity. You might be wondering how can your rearranging your kitchen relate to your mindset. Well, during the layout process, it’s important to think you have enough space so that your brain opens up and starts generating more ideas that might even look more creative than the photos you’ve seen.

You should consider several factors such as reducing the traffic as much as possible, keeping enough distance in between hardware to avoid bumping into things, and ensure a perfect work triangle. The perfect working triangle exists when the kitchen is arranged in a way you don’t have to run from one corner to the other while cooking. For instance, the dishwasher needs to be placed right next to the sink, and cooking gear must be stored near the cooking area. Planning it this way would ensure a smooth workflow and would give your kitchen a curated feel. You could make this process easier by using a layout tool online.

This doesn’t just apply to a major kitchen revamp only. Now that you have a rough idea about layouts, you could look for ways to improve your existing kitchen as well. We suggest you remove anything unnecessary and install only the things that enhance aesthetics and functionality. For instance, you could remove the island if it is just sitting in the middle of the kitchen without serving its purpose, or vice versa.

3. Dress the floor

I believe you would have probably come across the fact that people notice your shoes at first glance and tend to judge your personality accordingly. Similarly, your kitchen floor shouldn’t be taken lightly as it makes a statement about your overall kitchen. There are several flooring options out there, which you could use to uplift the look of your kitchen floor. For instance, you could incorporate hardwood, tiles, marble, or even stand out by laying decorative stones. Either way, the color depends on your choice of theme and your accessories. However, this is quite an expensive touch-up.

I mentioned earlier to not think about your budget while planning, as there are plenty of cheaper alternatives like DIY flooring options in different styles and textures, that bring a similar look to the expensive one. These only cost around $2 a sqft. As a bonus tip, I suggest you may also lay a furry rug by the sink to make it look cozy.

4. Cabinet

Cabinets play a major role in delivering the desired aesthetics because it’s the most visible component in the kitchen. There are countless choices when it comes to design and size. However, you should first know your necessities before settling on a particular design. If you are looking to purchase a brand new cabinet on a tight budget, I recommend you go for a classic design that wouldn’t go out of date too quickly. Cabinets are made using different kinds of materials such as plywood, fiberboard, or particleboard. The price of each of these represents its quality with plywood being the highest grade after hardwood.

It’s not that you cannot transform the looks of your kitchen without spending on a new cabinet. You could simply reface your old cabinet and spray a few coats of paint over it and replace the handles if they look outdated. Remember to go for the painting option only if you have access to pro skills, as it would otherwise ruin the entire thing and cost as much as a new cabinet.

Upgrading the countertop would also take you a step closer to the elegant kitchen dream. Like everything else, countertops are also available in different styles and materials ranging from granite to quartz, marble, wood, and even countertops made using cement. However, your pick should be based on how much you are willing to spend, the look that are you expecting, and whether stain & heat resistance matter to you. And finally, add a DIY backsplash to suit your theme and complete the looks of the cabinet.

5. Play with the accessories

After you have completed the structural elements of your kitchen, it’s time to wrap up the revamp by adding appliances. This is perhaps the key determining factor to how luxurious your kitchen looks. Opting for high-end brands does bring an extra shine, but as I mentioned throughout the articles, you could simply go with the best-looking, cheaper variant if your budget leaves no room. However, it’s better if you could reserve a greater portion of your budget for the most crucial appliances that would be used the most, like the stew, and probably go for a decent dishwasher.

Speaking about the smaller accessories such as plate racks, cutleries, bowls, and all the little things, they do add glamour to your kitchen if they look elegant. I suggest you go for metallic accessories because they add a touch of luxe with the shine. You may also add a small plant near the kitchen window to get the freshness that enhances the elegant look.


The kitchen is an important area in your house and you need to make sure it looks as elegant as the other rooms. Whether you are looking to completely create a new elegant kitchen or simply revamp your dull structure, these methods will surely come in handy and guide you towards creating your dream kitchen, no matter where your budget lies

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