7 Most Exclusive Hotel Brands In The World

Luxury hotel chains operate in several countries and they have managed to get through the tough times the pandemic created. Now that the borders are open, and people are gradually starting to travel once again, we would like to highlight some of the most exclusive hotel brands in the world, which might be your next vacation spot. To qualify on this list the hotels must be located in an amazing location, offer top-notch services, and include luxurious amenities.

1. Aman Resorts

Aman Resorts is a Singapore-based luxury hotel brand that was founded in 1988. The chain has grown ever since and now operates in 32 locations across 20 countries. Their resorts have fewer rooms (generally lesser than 55), but they offer four staff members for each guest, making them a six-star hotel chain. Guests are offered to stay in individual private villas, pavilions, or tents (in the case of Amanwana in Indonesia and Amanpulo in the Philippines), along with a swimming pool and outdoor lounge area. The prices generally start at 1,500 EUR/night which is the reason many people other than the elite avoid it.

2. Four Seasons Hotels

Four Season is yet another renowned hotel chain in the world and they operate more than 100 hotels worldwide. The company started in 1960 in Toronto, Canada, but its initial objective wasn’t upscaling luxury. However, they changed their strategy in the 70s and the numbers prove that it was the right strategy. The five-star hotel offers the finest services and maintains its standards in all of its resorts and hotels.

3. La Réserve Hotels

As the name suggests, the hotels operate in Paris, Geneva, Zurich, and Ramatuelle. This hotel is known especially for its luxurious spa treatment. This hotel chain is owned and run by Michel Reybier Hospitality, a family-owned group based in Switzerland. They also own other four and five-star hotels in Switzerland. Their boutique-sized luxury hotels are truly impressive and even won the Best Hotel In The World award in 2017. 

4. Bulgari Hotels

The luxurious Bulgari Hotels and resorts were created in 2001 after Bulgari partnered with the Ritz Carlton Group. All of their hotels were designed by Italian architectural firm, Antonio Citterio. They look very modern and the services are excellent too. They currently operate in cities including Milan, Bali, London, Beijing, Dubai, and Shanghai. Hotels in Moscow, Paris, and Tokyo are due to open by 2022. Just like Bulgari’s jewellery line, the hotel too is expensive.

5. Six Senses Resorts

The Six Senses company started in 1995 with the single aim to take their guest beyond their expectations of a typical luxurious vacation by blending new experiences and cultures into their environment. Six Senses currently has 18 lavish resorts all over the world that are in stunning locations and they firmly promote eco-friendly and sustainability.

6. Peninsula Hotels

The Peninsula Hotels group is a chain that was founded in 1928 in Hong Kong. The hotels are located in 10 of the world’s famous urban cities across Asia and America and their properties are recognized as the heart of the city. They can be recognized from their dark-green inspired interior design and doormen dressed all in white from top to toe. Of course, their services are top-notch, which is one reason they qualify on this list.

7. Mandarin Oriental Hotels

Another Hong-Kong based hotel chain on this list is Mandarin Oriental. However, they are focused on hotel investing and managing luxurious hotels and resorts. They currently own 33 properties across Europe and Asia, and they usually pick hotspots in the city for their investment. Compared to the other hotels in this list, Mandarin Oriental Hotels is cheaper and they offer very high services as well. However, you cannot expect the same level of hospitality in all of their hotels as the facilities available vary from location to location. But if you want the best out of all, consider Mandarin Oriental Shanghai

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