8 Things Lamborghini Owners Won’t Like Telling You

Owning a Lamborghini is a dream for many people, but little do they know about the flaws of Lamborghini ownership.

The raging bull brand which started as a tractor company has managed to place itself as a powerful sports car manufacturer and captured the hearts of many people around the world. Among all of the other supercar brands out there, Lamborghini is special because of its aggressive performance and edgy design, which screams out a person’s success. But if you ask a Lamborghini owner before you buy a Lamborghini to celebrate your milestones I’m pretty sure they won’t confess to the downsides and problems they face from using these mean machines as a daily driver.

Here are 8 things Lamborghini owners won’t like telling you.


#8. It’s Impractical

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Using a Lamborghini as a daily driver won’t be an easy task since it’s uncomfortable and offers space for no more than a bag that can hold a few clothes. Another inconvenience of driving a Lamborghini for long drives is that it could cause you back pain since the seats are designed to keep you intact during tight corners. However, you must accept the fact that the pleasure of driving these mean machines comes with a price to pay.

Moreover, these cars are lower than your average car to ensure a low center of gravity. Therefore, getting in and exiting the car can be a pain if you don’t want to get your clothes or muscles torn. It’s a serious problem to an extent where you’ll find YouTube tutorials on how to do it right.


#7. Attracts the wrong attention

Lamborghinis are head turners for sure. Wherever you take her there’s always a camera or jaw-dropping face staring at the exotic car. However, owning a Lamborghini doesn’t ensure dozens of bikini-clad women around your car. Sometimes, people get too obsessed that they would peek their faces on the window to have a glance at the interior, leaving greasy faces and handprints on the car.

#6. They spontaneously catch fire

We have seen many cases on social media in the past where Lamborghinis spontaneously caught fire. Cars with a full tank of gas have been prone to this issue and get their rear wheels melted and burst into flames. The reason for this is either because of a small leak at a detached weld spot which in turn prevents the evaporative emission control system from containing vapors before they mix with hot engine gasses.


#5. They aren’t reliable

Although it costs a fortune to get your hands on a Lamborghini, you cannot assure that there will be no breakdowns. The components of a Lamborghini are German engineering, but they are screwed together in Italy by a workforce who don’t have such a keen eye for detail when compared to their Bavarian owners. Maintaining these beasts is also costly. An average annual servicing cost for an Aventador will rob you of $2,500 while a clutch for a Murcielago can cost $8,000.

#4. It’s Italian for the name

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Although Lamborghini is marketed as an Italian supercar brand, it’s owned by Audi, a very German company. Without Audi, the Italian automaker would have gone out of business a long time back. Since it’s owned by Audi, the Lambos too feature German technology and engineering which is the reason the owners get to enjoy the driving pleasure instead of watching them get put on a truck and taken to the garage.


#3. Lamborghini makes tractors

Would you like to tell anyone that your $250,000 supercar was built by a company that makes agricultural machinery, just as Jeremy Clarkson did?

#2. They wish they’d bought an Audi R8

As I mentioned earlier, Lamborghini is owned by Audi and shares German engineering. Lamborghini owners would start to wonder why they did not go for an Audi R8 when they get under the cops’ radar many times in one day. The Audi R8 also features the same mechanical system, but it comes with a set of comfortable seats, the electrics work, and you would not attract the cops as much as a Lambo.


#1. Look back at your car after parking

They say you don’t own the right car if you don’t look back at it after parking. However, in the case of owning a Lamborghini, it’s far more than just a look. You must make sure you park your Lamborghini in an area where there is plenty of ample light and free from hooligans or people who might mean their precious car harm.


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