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Booking a private jet is becoming more of a necessity among the fast-paced business personas and the elite. However, on-demand jet companies are popping up and making it affordable day by day. It’s a great way to travel around the world with privacy and at your own schedule, without having to rush to the airport two hours before your flight. For ordinary people, chartering a private jet seems to be a waste of money, but they don’t understand the back-end benefits that come along with it.

Similar to airlines, private jet companies also offer an array of amenities that vary with your private jet package. You could choose the size and additional luxuries depending on the number of people you are traveling with. These are several things you need to keep in mind to make a smooth reservation and hassle-free journey above the sky.

Benefits of flying private

Booking a private jet saves time

As I mentioned earlier, the extra cash spent on booking a private jet brings several perks that first-class or business class flights lack. Booking a private jet allows you to save a lot of your valuable time. ‘You could earn the money you spent, but not the time you wasted.’ A successful person values time more than anyone else and wouldn’t mind paying extra money to beat the clock. Unlike, flying on commercial planes, private jets only require passengers to arrive a few minutes before takeoff and board the plane after minor security checks like showing the ID. You also avoid the hassle of waiting to collect your bags after an exhausting journey, as the porters will do it for you in a matter of seconds.

Private jets weigh less than commercial flights and this allows them to travel at much higher speeds. This is possible because of the basic principles of physics, less weight causes less drag. Higher speeds are also possible because private jets tend to travel at higher altitudes than commercial planes where traffic is less.


Booking a private jet enhances the flexibility of your schedule. You can change plans within short notice and make stops as you wish. You also have the advantage of landing closer to your destinations as commercial planes only land at major airports, while private jets can access smaller airstrips in remote areas. All of these saves your time and helps you to focus fully on your mission rather than worrying about transport.

Flying private allows you to avoid the typical air travel stress as you can relax throughout your journey while you relish the delicious meals prepared just for you. It’s far more comfortable than traveling on commercial flights because you don’t have to deal with a large crowd. You could also enjoy more freedom as they allow you to walk up and down or change seats as you wish, because it’s all yours.


Privacy is a concern to most of us, and it’s vital when doing business. Most business travelers make their private jet cabin their office and conduct their meetings in the air so that they could get straight to work once they hit the ground. Although first-class flights offer you a separate space, it’s risky to discuss business secrets and strategies when there are hundreds of people inside the plane, even if they aren’t right next to you.

Choosing the right type?

Planes used as private jets come in different sizes that are categorized from light jets to medium, and heavy jets. Which one should I choose? The answer to this depends mainly on factors such as the number of passengers, travel time, destination airport, luggage capacity, and other amenities you require such as sleeping options, toilets, and choice of food.

A light jet is capable of carrying up to six passengers, while a super jet has much more luxury to offer and can accommodate up to 18 people. Flying hours also impact the choice of jet because smaller jets aren’t capable of traveling long hauls at a stretch. You could take smaller jets if you are willing to make stops, but if you could afford the most lavish private jet, there’s no problem with booking one.

How to make a booking?

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of booking a private jet, it’s time to make the booking. As I always mention in every guide, you need to know what you what before making the purchase. Therefore, before you place the booking, list down your requirements such as the number of travelers, how many bags you are carrying, which city are you traveling to, and everything else you want your private jet to have.

We live in an era where anything could be accessed simply with a touch of a button, and it applies to booking a private jet as well. There are two primary ways to make private jet bookings. Getting in touch directly with a charter company, or booking through a private jet broker.

Direct Booking: This is as simple as providing your details through the website or phone call and a representative will help you book a jet from the fleet they own. But the downside is you need to pay the retail price, which I’ll explain later.

Through A Broker: Booking through a broker is a great way to find the most suitable jet for you, because they don’t own a fleet, but look for the best match from jet owners. You could either charter an entire plane or make use of an empty leg flight. This means the broker will find you a flight that is returning home after dropping a client, and the prices will be much lower than the retail price. Some brokers even allow sharing a private jet, which costs a lot less than chartering the entire cabin.

The most recent method is hailing a private jet through an app, just as booking an Uber. Apps such as JetASAP and Flyjets allow you to make a booking from the fleet of the operator simply by entering details like your pick and drop-off location and time. You could either book the entire jet, or a single seat if you are traveling solo.

Cost of booking a private jet.

Perhaps the biggest concern when it comes to booking a private jet is the hefty price tag. The cost of traveling depends on several factors such as the duration, type of plane, whom you book through, the amenities you opt for, and any other additional charges that occur during the journey. You might think getting a basic plane would cost less all the time. However, it’s not the case all the time, because smaller jets travel slower, thus increases your air time and the cost in turn. Your broker must advise you on these kinds of things.

Contact your jet operator to get the exact price.

Jet operators and brokers charge you in different ways. Speaking about the operators, they charge you hourly for the entire time the plane flies on half of you. This is because the plane has to return to its home base, and the cost is added to your account. You might have to adjust your requirements by boarding a plane that is already at your pick-up location if you don’t want to pay for the returning trip. On the other hand, brokers charge you only for the hours you are on the plane. Broker’s hourly rates are higher than operator charges, but it includes all the extra fees stated below.

In addition to the price of booking a private jet, operators will charge you with a few extra fees such as a landing fee at airports, security charges, and any other cost that incurs during your journey. You also bear the cost during instances where the plane has to be parked overnight just for you. This includes hanger charges, crew members accommodation, and finally taxes. Therefore, the quoted price isn’t final until you end your journey.

Booking a private jet – FAQs

Do private jets have a separate terminal?

Yes, private flyers are given access to the Fixed Base Operator (FBO). FBOs are private jet terminals that allow passengers to lounge and operators to land. It also offers parking space for your car.

How long before the flight should I arrive?

Private jets work according to your schedule and it doesn’t require you to arrive too early. It can be as little as 15 minutes before take-off time, but delaying might cause problems if you don’t inform.

Can I take my pet onboard?

You can take your pet with you in a private jet as long as you request the operator for a pet-friendly plane, and ensure up-to-date documentation.

How to get cheaper private jets?

Look for empty leg flight. These are planes that are either returning home empty after dropping off a passenger or going to another location empty to pick up a client. You could request a broker or operator in advance, to inform you if there is a private jet that meets your flexible requirements.

Are private jets safe to travel?

Private jets are a lot safer than commercial planes if you choose the right operator. This is because reputed companies maintain their fleets and train their staff well. Another safety advantage is private jets can land in smaller airstrips in case of an emergency, which bigger commercial planes aren’t able to. Therefore, safety depends on the private jet provider.

I hope this guide was helpful, and you learned something new that would be helpful during your next private jet flight.

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