A Malaysian man named Qawi visited Bugatti Singapore to get the detailed cost of owning a Bugatti Chiron – An oil change alone costs $25,000.

Owning a supercar or hypercar is a dream for many, but it can only be achieved by a very few. If you are among those fortunate chaps, well, you need to know the costs attached with ownership before you splash $3 million. The mind-boggling maintenance costs are so expensive you could buy a new car itself.


These limited-edition hypercars are built with quality in mind, yet, they are man-made machinery and the repair bills can make your wallet thinner. Therefore, you need a good understanding of how much it is going to cost you to keep them on the roads, and whether you could afford it without having to break the bank. A Malaysian man named Muhammad Al Qawi Zamani recently visited Bugatti Singapore to get a detailed account of the cost involved in owning a 2021 Bugatti Pur Sport, which can give you an overall idea of the other supercars as well.

Warning: These figures might cause a mini heart attack. The $3.5 million Bugatti Chiron Pur sport is an ultra-limited edition hypercar that launched recently. Although you might be well aware of the price tag, no one would expect the maintenance cost to be that expensive. Zamani’s report shows the insane numbers involved. It’s mentioned that around 10 skilled mechanics across the globe are needed to service just one car. Ordinary carmakers might not be even using so many employees to make an entire car. At $25,000, the cost of an oil change is the most common expense you would come across. This service includes an oil filter, coolant, oil, and cleaning and clearing of 16 drain plug points. The engine oil is required to be changed every 14 months or 10,000 miles, and therefore, it’s unavoidable even if you just keep looking at it without driving.


Calm down! This is just the beginning. The wheels are also required to be changed at a regular interval, which is going to deduct another $50,000 from your bank account. But this amount is just for the wheel alone. What about the tires? The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R TR tires are the most ideal set of tires for optimum performance, and quality tires come at $42,000. But you have a cheaper option at $8000 a set for other tires which are compatible with the hypercar but don’t offer the maximized performance.

You need to make sure the brakes are on point to stop these beasts when they are furious. The front discs alone are $49,905 and the accompanying pads are $8,982. Fortunately, these replacements aren’t mandatory to be done within a short time. But it takes another $58,887 for fluids, cleaning, and other maintenance on the brake system when it’s time.


Moving on to the next, a minor expense comparatively is the wiper blades for the $60,000 windscreen, which costs just $3800. The Chiron also needs new air duct coolers at a scandalous $21,958 a set, four new Garrett turbochargers at $25,950 a set, and a new fuel tank at $43,916 every 42-48 months. Finally, the labor charges wrap up the bill but also cost as much as parts. When you deal with complex engineered machines, tuning, calibration, and other adjustments necessary needed after a full service is also going to cost you another $29,000.

Qawi says that owners will pay the equivalent of $385,000 on average to maintain a Chiron for just four years. This amount excludes taxes, the appointment fee, and airlift & traveling costs. But hey, supercar owners are rich, and if they could afford to buy it they could also maintain it although, these amounts cost as much as the car you drive.

Via: Carbuzz


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