How to dress classy? Men’s guide

Style is something that varies from person to person, and it’s important for all of those styles to be well-curated. Looking elegant isn’t merely about spending staggering amounts on your outfits, but following certain rules along with it. If you aren’t sure about how to start dressing classy, don’t worry. This guide will educate you with several pro tips & tricks that will help you master the art of dressing classy.

Why would you want to look classy?

Although it’s not right to judge someone based on their appearance, your outfit and body language have a direct effect on the first impression. In fact, it takes 30 seconds for someone new to form a judgment about you. Whether you are attending an interview, a business meeting, or a casual visit to the mall, it’s important that you dress well on a regular basis. For instance, a well-dressed person walking into an interview demands respect without having to say a word, because their outfit delivers the message that they are dedicated and focused to reach their goals. Another circumstance where your outfit comes in handy would be during a party. Your outfit would grab a person’s eyes because you look valuable and a compliment from someone would potentially create a long-term relationship.

Many people have misunderstood the art of dressing classy, and tend to relate this with expensive clothes only. High-end clothes do make you look classy, but you could simply look elegant just by following a few fundamentals too, which I’ll discuss later in this article.

In addition, wearing the right outfit enhances your mood because it elevates your self-esteem and makes you feel satisfied with yourself. Studies have also proved this makes people more confident and competitive in their respective areas. Although many people argue that style doesn’t matter to them, I believe it’s a way of respecting yourself. Think of it this way. Would you like to invest your time and energy in someone who doesn’t take the time to make themselves better? I wouldn’t. Before you think of respecting others, you should first respect yourself, and the rest will align.

As I mentioned earlier, your outfit says a lot about you. Therefore, you should consider taking time off to remodel yourself if you aren’t focusing much on this topic.

How to dress classy?

Attire is an important element in a person’s lifestyle and you should invest some money and time to enhance your appearance. There are several ways to upgrade your wardrobe and dress classy. Don’t worry if you are confused about where to start. This guide will help you dress classy and boost your confidence.

Create a personal uniform

Before you start shopping, it’s important to know how you want to look. It could be like someone you look up to, or any other style you prefer the most. For instance, I prefer wearing dull or dark-colored polos with jeans or chinos and boots for casual wear, and my friends too say it looks good on me more than collar-less t-shirts. Therefore, I prefer to stick with the latest trends that involve polos and try those styles. However, not every latest style looks good on me, but it gives me a better sense of how to mix match. Not to be misunderstood, I do wear shirts and other sorts of clothing depending on the occasion, but what I mean is polos with jeans or chinos and boots is my uniform.

By knowing my style, it’s easier for me to do my shopping because I wouldn’t buy anything that looks good to the eye but doesn’t suit me. A mistake that most people do is they try to copy the attire that doesn’t suit them. Just because a shirt looked amazing on a celebrity or colleague, doesn’t mean it would look the same on you. The ideal color and design change from person to person, and we must stick to what looks best on us, in order to stand out and show our unique personality. However, I don’t recommend wearing outfits that are too bright, have too many prints, or streetwear, if you are looking to dress classy.

Quality over quantity

The quality of your clothes can be seen right away. Therefore, you must look into the fabric and minor details like the stitching of your clothes. It’s always better to opt for one quality piece, rather than putting your money into three ordinary pieces. Quality clothes have minor details that enhance the overall look. For instance, if you look closer into fine shirts, you would notice the stitches run evenly, and the buttons would be knitted without a single piece of thread jutting out. Quality products not only look better but also last longer. A low-quality pair of jeans would look good at the store, but the attractiveness fades away once you wash it.

Quality matters with accessories and shoes as well. A pair of good quality leather shoes could be used for much longer even if it is prone to rough use, unlike synthetic leather shoes which peel off to the slightest touch with a rough surface. Therefore, if you think you are saving by buying low-quality things, think again, after all, you might be spending twice.

Speaking about suits, it’s better to get a charcoal or black custom-made suit, because it’s something that you don’t buy too often unless you are someone like Conor McGregor.

Fit over Fashion

You must consider fit over fashion to look classy. Clothes that fit perfectly make you look sleek, and you must look into every centimeter by agreeing to dress classy. A $100 shirt that fits perfectly would look better than a $500 shirt that’s oversized.

The fit of your clothes depends on your body’s shape and it might be difficult for some people to find the right fit. Therefore, you could consider a custom-made piece or find a great tailor who is capable of altering it. The right clothes have the capability of resizing you as well. What this means is you could look taller, shorter, fat, or thin, just through clothes. For example, wearing vertically striped shirts or skinny jeans can make you look taller, or vice versa.

Minimal accessories

Accessories are like light bulbs. Though they are small in size, they add details to your outfit that help light up your appearance. However, you must not cover yourself with all sorts of accessories like chains, rings, and bling-blings. I suggest wearing an elegant watch alone would be enough to make you look classy, as it symbolizes a responsible persona. It could either be a Rolex if you could afford one or simply as sleek Casio. I personally don’t prefer and wouldn’t recommend bulky watches that have a thick case. I would rather go for an Apple watch for casuals, and a chain bracelet or leather belt watch for formals.

Speaking about sunglasses, there is a wide range of shapes and styles. However, not everything is going to suit you. Therefore, you must consider your face shape before choosing a specific style. This is pretty simple as round faces need to consider sharper or boxed styles, while pointy faces should go with rounded sunglasses. Other accessories such as cufflinks are a great choice to enhance your formal wear. Their minor details make a huge difference.

Basic fundamentals

Although these are basic things that most of us know, it would be helpful to mention them here because they ruin the entire look if you don’t follow them. Firstly, it’s extremely important to iron your clothes and wear them wrinkle-free to boost the first impression. You must also polish or clean your shoes regularly because people tend to notice your shoes at first sight and your overall neatness is judged based on how clean your shoes are. Moreover, your shirt needs to be tucked in perfectly and the puffs shouldn’t come out at any time. You could use a shirt stay or use the simple underwear method to keep it perfectly tucked all day. All of these increases your chances of looking classy.

Final thoughts

Your outfit has a direct effect on your first impression, and It’s important to dress classy if you want others to respect you. I hope the art of elegant dressing is clear to you now, and I believe these steps would make your closet upgrading process much easier. Remember to create a unique style for yourself, buy quality clothes that fit you perfectly and wear subtle accessories to a minimum, all while following the basics.

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