Instagram vs Reality photos of an Influencer

Social media plays a major role in our lives nowadays and we spend hours and hours of our valuable time scrolling through our feed. We come across various kinds of people on social media, and among them are the influencers. They live on social media by keeping their fans updated with their lavish lifestyle which many people wish they could also live. Unlike our photos, influencers upload photos of them that look perfect. However, the way they prepare for photos is completely different from what you’d expect. Behind the scenes of an influencer’s photoshoot is not as glamourous as the final product.

To satisfy your curiosity, a social media influencer from Amsterdam named Rianna Meijer, addressed what it is like to be an influencer. Her posts too, look glamorous and dreamy, and you might think a simple selfie won’t require much effort. But there is a lot of practice, trial & error, lighting & filters, and much more that needs to be synchronized, to capture a flawless Instagram post that generates a ton of likes and comments.

Meijer recently shared some Instagram vs Reality pictures side by side, through which she intends to portray her day-to-day life, where she looks messy, hides her double chin, and looks tired just like us. She explained to My Modern Met that she is just another ordinary human.

Therefore. as social media users, we must not be unsatisfied with our appearance simply by comparing ourselves with someone who does it as a profession. As a responsible influencer, Meijer is doing her part by spreading the message with the rest of the world through photos like these. Scroll down to see some of her photos, and share them with your friends as well.

Photo Couresty & more details: Rianna Meijer, YouTube




























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