Meet Lester Diaz, the Internet Marketer teaching 1,000s to monetize their passions on social media

Lester Diaz - Internet marketer

Making money online is a dream for many people nowadays and social media is one way of giving those dreams a life. However, only a handful manage to make it to the top and enjoy the perks of the laptop and wifi business model. Lester Diaz is one such who has been an online marketer for almost a decade and teaches thousands of people to succeed using social media.

So, what is the secret behind their success? A common misconception about making money online is that it’s believed to be as simple as tapping a few buttons and receiving the dollars. Just as any other business, reaching heights doesn’t come easy. You must incorporate all the ingredients that success demands. Hard work, sacrifice, and consistency are vital. But before all, you must follow your passion and enjoy the process so that you don’t quit halfway through.

Meet Lester Diaz, an online marketer with 9 years of experience in the business. He has managed to gradually climb the success ladder with hard work, consistency, and perseverance. His businesses are within the digital marketing field, mainly on Facebook. However, Lester Diaz started his online career offering SEO services as a freelancer and gradually became better at it, making a couple of thousands a month. After seeing success from his first path, Lester was eager to move further in the digital space and create something that would generate passive income.

So he started learning affiliate marketing and Facebook marketing which later helped Lester Diaz generate enough money to stop freelancing completely. During his initial days as an internet marketer, Lester Diaz made his bucks from advertising and commissions from affiliate sales. He has tried and tested many strategies where some of them worked but the others were just a lesson. He says that one big mistake he made during the initial days was that he tried to make money using many ways, but that didn’t work. Therefore, he advises focusing on one project and giving it a hundred percent instead.

In this video, Lester Diaz explains how he started making money online.

Lester’s experience as a top-level online marketer can be seen from his YouTube channel that is dedicated to anyone looking to build, grow, and monetize Facebook pages using in-stream ads, affiliate marketing, and every other possible method that makes a full-time income. One of his recent milestones is 50K YouTube subscribers, which he managed to hit since he started the channel in 2017. He says that he learned all of these valuable skills through trial and error, which is the reason it took him a while to make his first couple of dollars online.

Your initial days as an online marketer can be frustrating as you might not be getting enough engagement, your page might get monetization violations or you might be facing other issues that bring you down. Lester’s tutorials might help you get through all of these hurdles and make your journey a smooth one.

One technique that he uses to fast-forward the initial phase on Facebook is by using Facebook Ads to get the first thousands of followers, which is otherwise the most time-consuming task. He also gives smart tips on how to create posts that are likely to go viral and receive mind-boggling income figures. Lester has been on Facebook for a very long time and he knows the ins and outs thoroughly. He says that Facebook allows your videos to go viral faster than YouTube because of the share button.

As an online marketing genius, Lester analyzes marketing techniques used by other successful people online and makes a video explaining the strategies that might come in handy to his viewers as well. He believes that In-stream ads is a huge opportunity that Facebook has given to video creators, and many people seem to be uninformed about it.

Many people say social media is a waste of time. Yes, it’s true if you have no idea how to make use of this golden opportunity that the digital era has brought to our fingertips. But looking at people like Lester Diaz, it’s surprising to see how they’ve managed to turn something that drains one’s time into a legit business.

You don’t have to be a tech-whizz to build a social media-based business that generates a full-time income. But how? Facebook is a tech giant with over 2 Billion monthly active users and the platform is growing at a rapid rate. There are several ways to make money on Facebook and the main way is in-stream ads. Don’t freak out hearing the technical terms! In-stream ads is basically Facebook’s audience network which is similar to YouTube.

Moreover, having a strong social media presence is powerful if you are aware of the ways you could use it as a money-making machine. Many businesses nowadays make use of social media influencers since it’s an effective way for them to get the message across, and on the other hand, it’s an opportunity for anyone looking to move into the digital world as an influencer. You could use your social media audience to sell other people’s products and get a cut out of it, which is known as affiliate marketing.

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