This Mercedes E-Class Has Been Converted Into A Fake Maybach S560 Using A $1500 Kit

The Mercedes Maybach is the flagship Merc with a starting price of over $200,000. It’s a dream from many Merc lovers, but the price tag is what keeps most people away. However, this doesn’t mean you have to kill your dreams of driving a Maybach, thanks to this Chinese company.

The design elements of the base models nowadays look very much alike in many cases and it’s a bit difficult for the untrained eye to spot the differences right away. However, flagship models stand out from the crowd because the exclusive components such as the chrome badges, wheels, and other staying elements can be recognized even by dummies.


Many people nowadays look to upgrade from lower-spec models to flagships using aftermarket kits so they get the feel of driving a prestigious car, and this has boomed business for modification shops. For instance, Justin Bieber got a base model Rolls Royce Wraith upgraded to look like the futuristic EX103 by West Coast Customs. However, this upgrade is not as complex as Bieber’s Rolls Royce. An Instagram page named Automobili Ardent recently spotted this “2019 Mercedes-Maybach S560” and it might look like a legit Maybach to the untrained eye, but you’ll notice a few mismatches if you look closely.

At first sight, we too believed it was a real Maybach until it took us a while. The E-Class is the younger sibling of the S-Class sedan, but it’s far behind in terms of the luxurious amenities onboard. What you see here is a base-model Mercedes E-Class long-wheelbase that has been fitted with a Chinese body kit. The kit has been prepared by a company called Carbest and is sold on Chinese e-commerce sites like Alibaba. The $1100 kit includes all the essentials for a fake Maybach such as the grille, chrome trims, rear bumpers, diffuser, and badges. However, the customer is responsible for the two-tone paint job, Maybach monoblack wheels, headlights, and other touches that enhance the Maybach feel further, so you don’t get roasted on social media. This kit is compatible with every pre-facelift E-class that was sold between 2016 and 2020, and it’s a great deal as you get the aesthetics of a six-figure luxury limo for the fraction of its price. This is India’s first conversion and it simply looks great for $1500.

Via: Carscoops


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2019 Mercedes-Maybach Sedan (Euro spec)


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