A post-pandemic luxury experience at Armani Hotel Dubai

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After being indoors for a couple of months due to COVID, I decided to take a vacation to Dubai and forget the frustrating moments that the pandemic caused. Although I had taken the vaccine, I maintained safety measures by avoiding crowded areas and social distancing. Indulging in Dubai’s luxury has been on my travel bucket list for a very long time, and I couldn’t wait any longer, especially after staying at home for months and months. It was during last June, my birthday month that I decided to treat myself to a lavish stay at the Armani Hotel. Although travel restrictions loosened, many hotels remained closed. But I was able to grab a great deal to stay at the Armani Hotel, located inside the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

The elegant theme was sleek and minimalistic

As I checked into the hotel through the tall doors, I was immediately taken into the world of luxury from breathing the Armani-scented air. The sleek and minimalist design is a result of Giorgio Armani’s decades of expertise in the business. The hotel occupies up to the eighth floor and the 38th and 39th floors of Burj Khalifa, with 160 rooms and suites offering stunning views of downtown Dubai. Staying true to its value, the entire Armani Hotel is portrayed in a dark and elegant theme with hues of grey, brown, and black walls, and lavish furniture that further enhances the elegance.

I was able to secure an Armani fountain suite, although the hotel was pretty crowded with many travelers like me, looking to refresh from the miserable lockdown moments. According to my research, the sizes of the lower level rooms range from 45 sq-meters to 70 sq-meters, and the fullest Armani vibes tend to be in the opulent suites which start at 95 sq-meters. The flagship ambassador suite offers 150sq-meters of luxury space with a balcony that allows the best views of the buzzing city’s hub, including views of the choreographed fountain.

I booked the Fountain Suite at the Armani Hotel

I was extremely excited to spend a couple of nights at the 80sq-meters fountain suite, which too matched the entire property’s theme. A cool gadget I spotted while I was opening the door was a camera that was fitted in the entrance and linked to the room’s Ipad, so that it would be easier for me to identify anyone at the door.

As I enter the suite, there was a guest bathroom and right opposite is plenty of storage space. A few steps ahead, you’ll find a lounge with a super comfy sofa, with the most exciting thing right next to it. The Ipad. I spend some time just going through the Ipad’s capabilities. It could open and shut the curtains, adjust the lighting, turn on ‘do not disturb’ instead of hanging the tag on the door, and do things beyond the room, which I’ll cover later.

Then there was a workspace, which came in handy to get my work and meetings done, while I was vacationing. It also included stuff like Armani stationery, Armani antibacterial wipes, an espresso machine, a minibar with bottles of juice, and a cupboard with a safe. The bathroom featured a bathtub and had everything toiletry needed for a fresh bath. But it wasn’t just a shower gel or shampoo. It was all Armani bathroom gear, and it was the first time I was able to use Armani toiletry.

Top-Notch Ammenities at the Armani Hotel

The futuristic-looking property offers lavish amenities such as a world-class spa. an Infiniti pool around the bottom of the towering Burj Khalifa and a well-equipped gym. After a night of cozy sleep, I woke up to the astonishing views of Dubai and headed straight to the gym. Although I am don’t visit the gym very often when I’m at home, I just wanted to experience the Armani gym. Some of the equipment was too complex that I didn’t even understand to use it.

Another luxury experience was the dip in the infinity pool. Being able to swim next to the tallest tower in the world is an experience that cannot be put into words. It was during the evening that I took the swim, and enjoying the views of the buzzling city was something I’ve only seen on screen before. The Armani Hotel features a world-class spa that includes a sauna and steam room with expert spa consultants ready to squeeze out every bit of stress. They use Armani branded products, including Armani oils. In addition to the massage, the most fascinating part was the booking I made through my room’s Ipad.

After a swim and spa session, I headed to the Dubai Mall, through the private entrance from the Armani Hotel. The Dubai mall is the world’s biggest shopping mall and has outlets of every famous retailer you could think of. It’s yet another experience that needs a separate article. I did some Gucci shopping and got a brand new watch for my collection as well. However, you don’t certainly have to go to the Dubai mall if you are planning on Armani shopping. There is an Armani chocolate and confectionery shop and a fashion boutique which is the only place in Dubai to get the Giorgio Armani Prive Collection.

Dining & Resturants

Moving on to my favorite topic, dining. There are seven restaurants in the Armani Hotel, with each of them serving delicious dishes of its kind. They are named with the Armani brand included, such as Armani Deli, Armani Mediterraneo, Armani Hashi, and so on. I had breakfast at the Mediterraneo and it was a great place. It had Arabic, Chinese and European menus since they cater to visitors from all over the world.

I usually need caffeine in the morning to boost my energy level for a productive day ahead, so I sipped a coffee that had an ‘A’ designed on top and then moved on to the main course. You should also try the cocktails at the Armani Lounge, which is yet another experience of having a bird’s eye view of the stunning neighborhood while sipping your beverage. The eatery even had a golden cappuccino, but I was not ready to try it. And finally, I was able to try two restaurants for dinner during my stay. I tried the Armani Hashi which serves Japanese cuisine and the Indian restaurant Armani Amal, both of which are mouth-watering to talk about.

My overall Experience

It’s quite impossible to find flaws with the service of a renowned luxury hotel in the tallest building in the world. The service staff was super friendly and helpful which made me feel homely. My suite was super comfy and spacious, and the views were stunning, especially when I woke up to them in the morning. There’s nothing much I could say about the gym, as I only did a mild workout session using a few pieces of equipment and the treadmill. However, I would say the pool and spa experience was the best I’ve had so far. You too should consider it if you are a spa lover. How could you not visit the top deck of Burj Khalifa when you are in Dubai. Whether you are planning to stay for a week or just a night, you should visit Armani Hotel at least once in your life. COVID safety was at its best in all the restaurants and throughout the hotel.

I took a ton of outstanding photos from my DSLR, but unfortunately, I lost the camera during my Dubai trip. However, the picture in my mind remains crystal clear. Therefore I’m unable to share the photos with you, potential guests.

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