10 Rules you need to follow if you want to own a Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce has been known for luxury automobiles for over a century and the company doesn’t make vehicles just for everyone. They take their products seriously and are extremely cautious in preserving the brand’s legacy. Most of the time people buy Rolls Royce’s to celebrate their milestones which is great. Unlike buying an ordinary car, potential Rolls Royce owners must follow a set of rules in order to qualify for a new car and maintain a good relationship with the company. Here are 10 rules you must follow if you are looking to buy a new Rolls Royce.

#10 – Wait in line

You cannot simply walk into the dealership and buy a Rolls Royce, like buying an ordinary car. Firstly, you need to place your order and wait for Rolls Royce to build yours. It takes months for a standard version and even years for a custom build project to be delivered. In fact, more than 90 percent of the Rolls Royce are sold are personalized. It approximately takes 60 pairs of hands and over 400 hours to build a Rolls Royce, but it increases depending on the customization preferences. There’s no chance that the automaker will fast-track the process just for you. Therefore you should wait in line to get your Rolls Royce, no matter how much you spend.

#9 – It’s not bought, It’s “commissioned.”

Getting a Rolls Royce built is called “commissioned.” This is a term that’s not used by other automakers. Rolls Royce uses this to convey the exclusiveness of their company rather than using the term “buying” or “ordering,” which is common among the others. This indeed suits them perfectly because the owners are able to get their cars personalized as much as they want within the boundaries, and the company tries to match it to the picture in the customer’s mind as closely as possible. Therefore, it’s ‘commissioned.’

#8 – Income proof and a good background

Rolls Royce ensures its customers are well off. They make sure that customers can not only afford the car but keep up with the running expenses as well. Lottery winners without a proper wealth profile might not be able to get their hand on a Rolls Royce, though they have the money to buy it. This includes bank statements and a thorough background check like their history, profile, and driving records to see if the buyer is eligible to carry the brand’s exclusive name at all times.

#7 – Provide your chauffer’s background details.

Rolls Royce owners don’t get behind the wheel every time. The owner sits behind and Rolls Royce ensures that the person handling the car does it right. They request your chauffer’s background details and would ask you to firmly replace the driver if they don’t meet Rolls Royce standards. They even have a chauffers’ program to train them to drive smoothly and teach them etiquette.

#6 – Repair at Rolls Royce authorized shops only.

Ever seen a Rolls Royce at your local mechanic? Perhaps not. You cannot simply drive to the mechanic nearby to fix your Rolls Royce. The company has a list of authorized repair shops where you should go if something’s wrong with your car. Even if you risk getting it fixed at your local mechanic, they probably won’t be able to because of the complex engineering and rare parts. In case your car breaks down. you’ll need to get roadside assistance to take it to authorized repair shops. You should also be prepared to settle the hefty bills once the repairs are done. Annual maintenance is estimated to be around $4000, plus the cost of the parts, which aren’t cheap. A simple oil change costs $650 and a battery change requires an appointment.

#5 – No unauthorized aftermarket modifications.

Can there be any improvements to the precise RR engineering? If owners crave more from their cars, they should get the modifications approved from Rolls Royce. Modifications like aggressive tuning and modifications are strictly prohibited since Rolls Royce thrives to maintain the quality of their brand. If owners decide to go ahead without approval, it will void the owner’s rights to any Rolls Royce parts and service.

#4 – No unauthorized paint jobs.

Just like any other modification, unauthorized paint jobs aren’t allowed either. Rolls Royce paint jobs are exclusive. Some of them even have diamond dust mixed to get a unique finish. Owners have the choice to pick any color they wish, and RR will match it as closely as possible. Mixing regular paint with factory paint damages the exterior, and that’s why the company doesn’t like owners getting their cars repainted through third parties. Doing so will void the warranty. They have approved paint shops worldwide and would send their paint team where ever it is.

#3 – Emergency calls must be answered.

Rolls Royce cars come with an e-call feature that calls the car phone in case of emergency. When the sensors detect a crash or when the airbags get deployed, an automatic call will be made to ask if assistance is needed. The drivers are required to always answer these calls unless they are in a situation in which they cannot. There’s even a feature where the car makes an automatic call to the nearest center during an emergency.

#2 – Keep the software updated.

Getting system updates on your phone or computer is liked by some but others don’t care much about it. The computer in the car monitors and sends vital information. This includes service reminders, issues with the car, and any other alert. Whether you like it or not, owners must monitor their infotainment system and keep it updated at all times. Ignoring these alerts and updates is a way of disrespecting the company and this may end up in a hassle if problems aren’t fixed immediately.

#1 – Return the car to Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce cars have a very long lifespan. In fact, around 65% of the cars ever built are still running. However, every great comes to an end. When RR cars have reached their end, the company prefers the owners to handle the vehicle to them at the “take-back point” as the company suggests, without selling it off. However, it’s only a suggestion and very few do this.

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