The 5-step ultimate guide to elegant furnishing

People nowadays are keen on modern luxurious homes, and elegant furnishing has become popular in apartments and small homes. Furnishing your home is an exciting thing to do, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what exactly your house demands to deliver its fullest elegance and attractiveness. In addition to the architecture, furniture is yet another important element when it comes to differentiating an ordinary house from a luxury home.

Whether you are arranging your newly built dream home or revamping your existing home for a fresher look, several tips and tricks can make the process smoother and the investment pay off. It’s not just about purchasing a massive, high-tech inclining sofa and cluttering your house with metallic accessories thinking it would make your house looks elegant. Things like attention to minor details, use of certain types of materials, optimizing the layout, and buying the appropriate furniture are vital to delivering the luxury living message.

We hope this furnishing guide would help you invest in the right furniture and make your dream home a reality.

Step 1: Choose layout and measure

Step 2. Research, Research, Research

Step 3. Stick to your plan

Step 4. Expensive isn’t always elegant

Step 5. Material matters

Step 1: Choose layout and measure

Choosing a layout to arrange your furniture is the first step towards accomplishing your elegant furnishing goal. Planning out layouts is vital as it helps you arrange the furniture in a way it shows off its fullest beauty. An easy way to do this is by sketching a floor plan so that you could place all the furniture without blocking pathways or jutting off walls, which makes it look cheap. You don’t need a degree in interior designing to draw a simple plan. Firstly, take a piece of graph paper so that it would make it easy for you to scale the floor area and let each box represent 1 foot. Then use a tape to measure the actual floor area of your room, kitchen, or living area, and translate it onto the paper.

Remember to mark the scaled-down doors and windows too. If not you might end up buying bigger furniture which would not fit in through the door. Next, mimic the scaled-down version of your potential furniture, and play around with different layouts to see which one fulfills all of your necessities. This should give you a rough idea of what it would look if the actual furniture were in place. However, you certainly don’t have to take all these troubles if you don’t mind going digital. There is software to help you create 3D layouts simply by feeding the inputs, which can give you a closer idea.

Step 2. Research, Research, Research

A common mistake many people make is they spend weeks and months to find the right home but do not give much attention when they decide on investing in furniture. Once you have planned and got a rough idea of the space that’s available for the furniture, you could start scrolling on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram to find creative and elegant styles that seem eye-catchy. You must also remember to look for furniture that meets your needs as well.

For example, a cozy beige sofa would perfectly match the theme of elegance, but it’s not a good idea to get your hands on it if you have kids at home. A massive antique-looking dining table is great to get a rich look, but it would occupy the other’s space if your living area is small, or vice versa. In addition, you need to know your taste before you visit the store. Especially, if you have decided to partially upgrade the furniture. This is because the new ones need to blend with the existing furniture to enhance the look, instead of completely ruining everything.

Step 3: Stick to your elegant furnishing plan

The theme you pick says a lot about your personality. Different people find different styles attractive and each of them has its look. For instance, cheerful characters would find bright colors attractive rather than the calm ones’ classic designs. With dozens of furniture inspirations, you find online, settling on the right theme has become yet another confusing task.

Many people these days prefer to keep up with the trend by going for contemporary modern furniture. However, some people just don’t care about it. They prefer a classic look, with antique-themed furniture and fittings. You should also find out what you love, rather than merely following the trend. For instance, you would have seen something in a movie and would be wanting to have something similar. Therefore, it’s important to exactly know what you want, plan the layout and stick to it rather than randomly walking into the furniture store to pick what looks good at the store, but wouldn’t suit your home. What is your favorite theme?

Step 4: Expensive isn’t always elegant furnishing

While businesses are getting smarter and smarter with their marketing, researchers have proved that people have been trapped by the psychological belief of expensive things are always the best. Of course, it’s worth spending on certain costly things that deliver great value, but you need to put on your thinking caps and dive deeper into the product before making the decision. Therefore, the answer depends on what you are spending on.

It’s perfectly fine to spend on something that truly brings happiness to you, as there is nothing worth more in this world than one’s happiness and satisfaction. Speaking about elegant furnishing investment, one must see if the expensive furniture offers something that would impact your life in a positive way. It could either be in terms of looks, durability or any other valid reason other than the mere ‘expensive is better’ logic. We wouldn’t suggest you cut off spending on things you used the most, like an elegant sofa, the most comfortable bed at the store, or anything that would help you save valuable time.

Step 5: Materials matter

Material plays a major role when it comes to the look and durability of the furniture. Whether it’s wood, leather, or fabric, you need to make sure the materials are of high quality. This is vital to get the perfect-looking finish that would meet the standards of elegant furnishing. You could ensure the quality of wooden items by checking if the drawers open and shut smoothly, run your hand over the wooden surface to check if it’s even, and check to see if the doors align perfectly with no gaps in-between the wood.

On the other hand, verifying leather and fabric quality is also important if you want your investment to last for a longer time. Synthetic leather would start peeling off if the furniture is often prone to sunlight. Genuine leather is pure leather that hasn’t been dyed, buffed, or coated with a protective layer. The easiest and most obvious way to differentiate it from fake leather is through the price. But you could be easily tricked if you consider just the price. Look for minor details like actual fat wrinkles from animals and it doesn’t have to look perfectly even and smooth like fake leather.

If the sofa features a cushion, make sure it aligns back in place once you stand up. Fabric with designs like the diamond pattern should be tucked tight and neat for an elegant look. In addition to the upholstery, the structure of a sofa should also be rigid. Although you cannot access the hardwood frame, ask the salesperson if it is made using durable wood such as oak, beech, or ash.


In conclusion, I believe furniture is an important element when it comes to making your house stand out. Rather than investing in furniture blind-sighted, it’s important to plan and make sure you buy the right pieces so that you don’t have to make return trips to the store and your house stays organized and easy on the eye.

Good Luck with furniture shopping!

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