‘The Rock’ went from being a troubled teenager to one of biggest movies stars. Here are Dwayne Johnson’s 10 rules for success

Dwyane Johnson has had an adventurous life. Son of legendary wrestler Rocky Johnson, Dwayne grew up around wrestlers and gymnasiums. He had a troubled start as a teenager when he was expelled from high school, and life didn’t seem to go the right way. He entered the world of wrestling, and the world saw a charismatic version of him called The Rock, who was loved by all. After dominating the WWE arena, Johnson entered the world of movies which transformed his life forever. Although he had a slow beginning to his movie career, his filmography skyrocketed after successful runs at the box office.

Johnson has one of the most compelling and inspiring stories in Hollywood. He is also an active motivational speaker through his social media, where he encourages people to take on challenges and tackle them. Here are Dwayne Johnson’s rules for achieving success.

#10. “Consistency In Working Hard.”

While being part of special projects and movies, Johnson has a reputation of being actively involved in building his character as well as marketing it. He has made successful movies like Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, Fast Five, and Jungle Cruise, and he believes that working consistently can lead to success in life, as stated by Thrive Global.

#9. “Be The Hardest Worker In The Room”

Johnson has been famously known to use the hashtag #Hardestworkerintheroom for his Instagram posts and stories. While this may seem like a motivational term, Johnson implements it in his life for his businesses and movies. The Rock believes in always working hard and giving more than 100% to every undertaken challenge.

#8. “Be Persistent”

Johnson actively participated in sports since he was a child, and when the opportunity presented itself for him to join his father in the gym, he took it. He gained inspiration from his father to work hard in the gym and lift greater weights. According to INC, it taught him to be persistent in the name of criticism and be focused on goals rather than fearing failure.

#7. “Learn From Your Failures”

Johnson strongly believes that sometimes the best things are the ones that never happen. After not becoming a part of the NFL and scoring low grades in school, he decided to follow his father’s path of becoming a professional wrestler. His humble beginnings taught him to keep reaching for his goals and learning from every mistake ever made.

#6. “Have A Sense Of Purpose”

According to Muscle And Fitness, Johnson was 23 when he was cut from the Canadian Football League and found his dreams of being a football player shattered. He checked his pocket and found $7 inside. He believed that it gave him a sense of purpose to start his life over and believe in himself that things would change. Johnson opened his own production company called Seven Bucks Productions, which has amassed great success.

#5. “Be Around Good People”

During his teenage years, Johnson surrounded himself with a bad crowd that would target tourists in Hawaii. He was a part of the ring that robbed high-end jewelry and clothes from outsiders. This caused Johnson to get arrested nine times before he was even 17. He decided to cut the people from his life and gained a better perspective about decisions.

#4. “Move Forward With Commitment”

Total Dedication. Total Focus. Total Commitment. To become a leader, it is important to commit to every challenge and opportunity in life. Johnson believes that there are no shortcuts in life. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to become the master of a craft, be it acting in action-packed movies or wrestling on a global platform.

#3. “Use Anger As Motivation To Move Forward”

After being expelled multiple times and getting arrested, Johnson found himself slipping into depression due to the guilt overpowering him. He decided to take responsibility for his actions and met Jody Cwik, who was his high school’s football coach. He guided Johnson to use football as an outlet for his anger and frustration, which became one of the greatest lessons in his life.

#2. “Take Chances, Don’t Wait”

Dwayne Johnson has repeatedly said that it is essential to pursue opportunity rather than waiting after knocking on the door. He believes in kicking the door open and introducing himself with a smile. Over the years, Johnson has grabbed every opportunity presented and believes that never taking chances can lead to the biggest regrets in life, as reported by Elite Daily.

#1. “Don’t Let Your Strength Become A Weakness.”

Johnson was known to be a tall and well-built young man in high school. While it helped him during sports games and matches, it also made Johnson get into fights. It led to expulsion, which made him lose focus. It taught Johnson to be kind to people and controlling his strengths to ensure people always see them in a positive light.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has had a sprawling career from wrestling champion, actor to running a multi-million dollar empire. He laughed in the face of adversity and faced every challenge head-on. His life lessons are inspiring on his social media platforms, followed by more than 252 million people around the globe. Dwayne Johnson has a successful lineup ahead of him, and there is no stopping the man who once only had seven bucks in his pocket.

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