How to make your living area elegant? 8 methods

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The living area is perhaps the most visited space in your house. It’s the lounge where you accommodate your visitors for a chat and the place you spend most of your time when you are home after a hustle. It’s important to have a sleek and elegant living area, as it gives the first impression of your home, and reflects your choice of style. Therefore, living rooms need more frequent revamps than any other area in your house.

The definition of luxury changes from person to person and neither of them are cheap. Everyone has their desires and we respect each of them. For instance, some people consider tech-inclusive, modern concepts for a luxurious feel, while others might think bulky vintage furniture would deliver the message. Either way, we are sure at least one of these tips would help your make the most out of your living area.

Another misconception is many people think an elegant living area means a room that has expensive furniture or chandeliers made from crystals only. It’s obvious that expensive things bring opulence, but in this guide, we will be discussing minor tweaks that bring a sense of luxe without breaking the bank.

Here are 8 tips & tricks for an elegant living area.

1. Simplify the arrangement

2. Glamorous Lighting

3. Place a large carpet

4. Let the curtains touch the floor

5. Play with your furniture

6. Living room accessories

7. Install artwork

8. Nature and elegant living area

1. Simplify the arrangement

Minimalistic arrangement is key. Make sure your living room isn’t flooded with unnecessary furniture and accessories. Cluttering with too many items would block the shine from the unique furniture you’ve invested in. Although you might be itching to display every stylish piece of furniture you could afford, remove anything unneeded. Rather than purchasing two unessential things, why not use that money to get something that makes visitors go “WOW, I need this too,” and serves its purpose at the same time.

For instance, you could mount your TV onto a wooden board and fix it on the wall, instead of the typical way of placing it atop a TV stand.

Another pro tip is to arrange your sofa in an enclosed manner with a coffee table in the middle. This makes it seem like a private space and conversation-friendly. Arranging things in an organized manner would not only make them look elegant but help you have a clearer mind as well.

2. Glamorous Lighting

Another important element that plays a major role in making your elegant living room is its ambiance. A living room has to be properly lit, to get the best look and feel. The best option is to have natural lighting by having long windows at the right spot.

However, it’s not possible all the time. Therefore, the next best option would be to strategically set up a combination of lamps and lights on the floor, ceiling, and walls. A dimmer would help you get a perfect warmth.

Hiring a specialist is not going to cost you too much if you don’t have the skill to identify the ideal lighting technique. If your budget allows, don’t hesitate to hang a modest chandelier right above the coffee table. This would instantly take lighting to another level.

3. Place a large carpet

Although placing a carpet sounds like a simple task, it’s a great hack to immediately hide the flaws in your floor and automatically enhance the elegance of your living room. This trick might come in handy especially if you are on a tight budget. A descent area rug that costs a couple of hundreds would make it feel as if the space got bigger, and creates a warm feeling which makes it welcoming.

I suggest you go for a subtle color like grey or beige. However, if you’ve got a few more bucks to spare, roll on a furry carpet to boost the coziness of your elegant living area. Make sure the rug stretches a little beyond the sofas and completely covers the sitting area so that it looks like a built-in rug.

4. Let the Curtains touch the floor

Another simple tweak for an elegant living room is to let your curtains touch the floor. Although there are different styles such as short and floating curtains, lengthy drapers tend to push the extravagance forward. Homes with high ceilings tend to appeal as they give the extra room and sense of freedom.

However, not all homes are blessed with this luxury. A gimmick to make your home look expensive is to have decorative curtains that touch the floor. Shorter curtains look cheap and it’s against our goal, an elegant living area.

Make sure you don’t forget to measure the exact length of your windows before your visit to the drapers and remember to do your research on trending designs.

5. Play with your furniture

Furniture plays a major role in creating a luxurious living atmosphere and it’s a vital element that connects the dots of a living area. However, you should make sure that the furniture copes with the layout of your living area. For instance, it’s not a good idea to place a huge cozy sofa in a small living room although it looks luxurious.

We suggest you scroll through Pinterest and find incredible ideas to set your furniture by mix-matching different types. For example, you could combine a one-piece sofa with a set of leather chairs, a glass coffee table, and appealing cushions, which makes it look as if it was custom-made.

If you are someone into vintage styles, try finding your luck at local auctions or online. You certainly don’t have to kill your dreams of having an elegant living area even if your budget is tight. Source the thrift shops to find some great deals on exquisite-looking furniture that needs some repair. You might hit the jackpot if you keep searching. Wooden furniture can be easily repaired and polished for a fraction of the cost and be made to look brand new.

6. Elegant Living area accessories

Accessories include ornaments, lamps, candleholders, and other additions that beautify the room. There are methods to bring out a luxurious atmosphere by using these small objects. Consider having a few metallic elements like a mirror with a shiny gold frame, a glistening candle stand on a shelf, or even chairs with metallic legs. Anything that sparkles in the eye of visitors and creates a luxe effect is good to go with. But adding too much of these would make your elegant living room, look gaudy. Think of it similar to fashion. You look classy if you wear just an elegant watch, but look too flashy if you are covered in iced-out bling-bling.

In addition to a couple of metallics, consider antiques too. Dust the antiques from your storage and showcase them in your elegant living room. Don’t worry about having to spend big bucks if you haven’t got any. Antique ornaments like a grandfather clock, sculptors, a rocking chair, or any other vintage item could be found at a fraction of the cost in garage sales. You could also find new ornaments in souvenir shops that look very much like antiques. Having these in your living room develops a sense of value although, you haven’t spent a fortune on your elegant living area.

If antiques aren’t your thing, I suggest you make use of the DIY decorative that can be easily found online for a cheap price. You could simply install a wall molding just by looking off YouTube. It adds extra sophistication to the walls and makes them look modern.

7. Install art work

You may wonder why you would need a piece of artwork that might be expensive than your house itself. No, we aren’t talking about Picasso’s artworks. We recommend hanging some of your creations without spending a dime.

A large artwork would instantly grab visitor’s attention and usually leads to a conversation about the story behind the painting, especially if it was done by yourself. If art isn’t your thing, ask an artistic friend of yours to paint a canvas that looks good enough to be displayed. You could also try out local art shops to find some attractive pieces. Remember it’s an elegant living area and the purpose is to enhance the visual appearance. Therefore, don’t add too many paintings.

8. Nature and elegant living area

Finally, wrap up the process by considering nature’s very own beauty. The fresh feeling which comes from having plants and flowers indoors amplifies the sense of exquisiteness. Keeping a bouquet in the center of the coffee table or placing a small pot of flowers beside the sofa is a great way to amalgamate nature’s beauty with the made-made things, and absorb the luxe feeling while cozying on the soft and comfy sofa. In addition to the looks, having plants have proved to boost your health as well. It helps your bust stress and is believed to improve your mood and focus, making it a suitable place to work from home.

Final Thoughts

The living area delivers the first impression of a house and most of us want it to look classy. But many people think they need a huge budget to revamp their living areas. You too could enjoy the exquisite vibes, regardless of your budget by following these tips & tricks. I hope these methods would contribute when you decide to re-arrange your living room and make it like the place of your dreams.

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