Watch a $5.8 million Bugatti Divo kiss a Mercedes while reversing

Driving a supercar requires sharper skills than maneuvering an ordinary car, so does a Bugatti. We often come across supercar fails, but this one makes us curious because the Bugatti Divo hypercar is limited to just 40 units and it’s sad that one of them is hurt because of a careless driver. The $5.8 million driving machine crashed into a parked Mercedes Benz CLS when the person behind the wheel reversed it. The Divo is wider than the London Bus, thus challenging to park in tight slots. But it is certainly not an excuse for the minor crash. The incident was caught on camera by @ledriviste and posted on Instagram by @supercar.fails.

Although we don’t know exactly when it happened, we can see that the incident took place right outside the Westin Paris – Vendôme hotel in Paris. As usual, a huge crowd had gathered around the insanely expensive and rare hypercar to evoke their sympathies towards the slowest, but expensive crash. It’s not clear from the video whether the person was going to park the beast or drive it away, but the hypercar was simply reversed too much to touch the Mercedes. The driver might have pressed the pedal a bit further, which would have triggered the 1479hp 8.0L W16 turbocharged engine right away.

The owner doesn’t seem to have trusted the tech in the car, which is why we see a hotel employee assisting the reverse. However, the machine has gone beyond human control to kiss one of its Bavarian friends. The extent of the damage cannot be clearly seen in the video as it lacks quality. But we can assume it surely wouldn’t have caused the owner to pay major repair bills, and only a few scratches on the Merc’s bumper. A Porsche 918 can also be seen parked in front of the Bugatti Divo, but hopefully, the Divo didn’t run into it.

Via: Carscoops

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